The International Clinic of Nutrition was created by Ciaran Ryan to help you reach the very highest level of health. Each person comes with their own set of problems and challenges to overcome.

Each aspect of your health is impacting on every other part. As a nutritionist, I look for the links between the various systems of your body and aspects of your life to see how one could be impacting the others.

Take for example a woman who has IBS and also suffers from PMS. Conventional medicine would aim to treat these separately but form a functional medicine perspective one may be impacting the other.

In this case, an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut may be preventing her body from properly disposing of unwanted oestrogen. The bacteria in the gut ‘deconjugates’ this oestrogen as it passes out through the bowel, allowing it to be reabsorbed and putting back into recirculation.

Rebalancing the gut bacteria is, therefore, a crucial part of rebalancing her hormonal system so she can live without the PMS.

It’s impossible to practise functional medicine without understanding how all bodily systems interact with each other. None the less, I am currently specialising in 4 areas that are primary concerns for my clients.

You may come to the International Clinic of Nutrition with various symptoms and conditions. Rest assured I will help you to improve all aspects of your health and lead a well-functioning and high-performing life.