What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the art of balancing cutting-edge Nutrition and Health Science with Personal Coaching Skills to build optimal health.

Based on the functional medicine approach, it takes into account that while our genes may create the potential for certain diseases and illnesses, these conditions can only become manifest if triggered by dietary and lifestyle factors.

This is evident in today’s biggest health problems – chronic fatigue, insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Study after study has now shown that the correct diet, lifestyle and nutritional medicine can prevent these from occurring and assist in recovery.

Therefore, the most crucial factor for dealing with a chronic illness, optimizing performance and building robust health is diet and lifestyle. So where do you begin and how do you get the results you desire?

Chronic illness can be tough to deal with. When we are healthy it’s easy to stay that way if we are conscious of our dietary and lifestyle choices. But once we fall into ill health it takes a lot more intervention to get us back on track.

An example would be type 2 diabetes. A normal person needs 200mcg of chromium per day to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, but a person with diabetes would need 500mcg to have a therapeutic effect and allow them to recover. And of course, many other dietary factors would have to be taken into account too.

While it’s easy to find health information these days in books and on the internet, it’s difficult to know if this advice will be effective or appropriate for you. Finding the ‘right’ information can be difficult in a sea of sometimes generic or contradicting advice. Some plans are complicated and overly restrictive, while others are ineffective. You have your own personal web of conditions and lifestyle factors, so trying to find what works for you may be overwhelming.

Working with a Nutritional Therapist takes the mystery and guesswork out. You get to work with a professional who will learn about your health and personal circumstances, and help you get to the root cause of your issue.

Once there is a clear picture in place of what’s influencing your health, they can recommend dietary and lifestyle changes along with therapeutic supplements that will allow you to correct imbalances on the biochemical level and build your health up. They’ll work with you to make sure it’s appropriate and manageable for you.

Functional Medicine

Using the functional medicine approach we can make connections between various systems of the body. We notice how one system may be affecting another. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, will specifically focus on the affected area but the problem may be originating from somewhere else.

An example of this would be a woman with a hormonal imbalance. Conventional medicine would supplement hormones to correct the imbalance. The functional medicine approach would be to learn about the woman’s health and find out where the source of the problem is.

In this case, it may be that her liver is not detoxifying oestrogen properly, so hormones are building up in her system. For long-term health, it would, therefore, be more appropriate to focus on supporting and detoxifying the liver than adding more hormones. This is just one example; each case will be different and the strategy will be unique to the individual.

Conventional medicine does not allow much time to get to know the patient, nor is it equipped to deal effectively with chronic illness. The average ‘consultation’ with a GP is 5 minutes. This provides no time to understand the reasons why the patient has arrived at their state of ill health.

Doctors will take a note of the symptoms, make a diagnosis and match up the symptoms with a drug which may come with side-effects. But without getting to the root cause, the illness will only get worse over-time and the medicine may become less effective.

In contrast, a Nutritional Therapist works with you holistically, treating you with natural medicine. True healing requires detective work and that requires taking the time to understand your unique set of circumstances.

Though taking a detailed account of all aspects of your health we can get to the root cause of your condition. Only then can we use diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to bring you back to balance. The result is wellness due to improved health rather than just suppressing the symptoms. We aim to build robust health that is symptom-free.

Functional Testing

We use functional lab testing to evaluate various biochemical markers which give us useful information about the underlying causes of your problem and helps us to tailor a programme specific to your needs. From a sample of blood, urine, saliva or stool we can identify chemical imbalances that paint a picture of what’s going on for you.

For example, a stool analysis test is appropriate for someone suffering from IBS. This would allow us to see if there are any pathogenic bacteria causing the problem, as well as if certain species of friendly bacteria are lacking. This way we can make a targeted protocol to restore gut health and relieve the symptoms of IBS.

Tests kits can be sent to your home with instructions on how to take the sample. You can send them off to the lab by courier and they will send us the results, which we can discuss with you at the next consultation.

The Nutritional Therapy Process

The Nutritional Therapy process begins with an optional free 15-minute skype consultation to get to know you and see how we can work together. It will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have and will help to set your expectations. It will also give you a feel for the work we will be doing and allow you to decide if this is a good fit for you.

If you wish to proceed after that we’ll send you a pre-consult form which will give us background information on your diet and health history.

The first consultation may take up to 90 minutes as we need to ask you more specific questions regarding your health. We then need to formulate a picture of what’s going on for you and we’ll share this information with you so that you can better understand your condition. We’ll then agree with you on certain protocols with the aim of relieving symptoms and beginning to build long-lasting health.

After a set period of time, we’ll meet again and discuss how you have got on. We’ll then spend time working on a new protocol to further build your health. These follow-up sessions last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and each session builds on the last. You’ll continue to feel better as we proceed. As we work on each health concern you’ll notice other benefits too, such as increased energy and mental clarity.

If would like to arrange a free 15-minute consultation then simply get in contact with us. You can use the bottom down below.